Booking transportation for your wedding

You have your venues, officiant, photographers, DJ and flowers but now you have to think about transportation for you, the wedding party and maybe your guest.

Every wedding is different based on the number of people and venue locations. Many times the ceremony and reception are in the same location so you might need transportation at beginning of the day and at the end.

If you have people from out of town you might need to provide transportation for them going to the ceremony or reception and then returning to a hotel. These type of services are usually done with large vehicles like a Mini bus or Motor Coach that can hold up to 56 passengers. These vehicles are usually charge by the hour and you have them at your disposal to provide as many transfers as need it.

For the wedding party depending on the size there are Limousines that usually hold up to 10 passengers and SUV Limousines that can hold up to 14 passengers. Depending on locations you can use one vehicle to pick up the Groom and his party and then turn around and pick up the Bride and her party. There is also times when you need transportation for close family members.

Sometimes it also depends where the Bride or Groom is getting ready at, it could be a Hotel or their residence.

The average wedding is a 3 to 4 hour service with the vehicle at your disposal depending on locations, duration of ceremony and pictures and things running on time. Having a Wedding Coordinator would help you when it comes to the transportation for your wedding.

If you are stopping for pictures after ceremony usually you have to add another hour.

One very important service is at the end of the night transporting the Bride and Groom to a Hotel or other destination, this service can be done with a sedan, Limousine or a beautiful Classic Car. You don’t want the Bride and Groom driving on their own after a long day especially if they have been drinking alcohol.

Pick a company that is in the Wedding Business, not every Limousine company does weddings so they don’t have the expertise and knowledge of what to expect and how to handle a wedding service.

There is a difference between a driver and a chauffeur.

Best way to find a company that has experience with weddings is to look at the Wedding Knot or Wedding Wire and make sure to look at their reviews from other Brides.

For one of your most important days in your Life don’t just choose based on price but choose based on finding a company that can provide the service you deserve.