Stretch Limousines vs. Stretch SUVs. Which one should you rent?

Finding the right vehicle rental is very important and there are a lot of unique options to consider out there. The Stretch SUVs and Stretch limousines are very good, but they obviously cater to different audiences. You have to wonder here, which is the better option? Should you go for the Stretch SUVs or limousines? Let’s find out.

Practical differences

When you get Stretch SUVs, these tend to have more space. Stretch limos will be able to house up to 15 people. Stretch SUVs on the other hand are longer, and many of them will have more than 16, sometimes up to 24 in total. Which means if you want to house a lot of people, then you obviously need an SUV. On top of that, lots of people find Stretch SUVs very easy to get out of, not to mention the maneuverability inside is pretty good too. So it’s definitely the best of both worlds here, you just need to pick what really works for you and just go from there.


The stretch limousines are known to be more romantic. They have less people, and that creates the much-needed intimacy you want for a wedding. Plus, they can also be great for a smaller group of people. These limousines are stylish and elegant, and on top of that you will be able to get a high tier, classy experience. In the case of the Stretch SUVs, these have a modern approach to them and they do look and feel very nice. That’s the thing you want to go for, and in the end it will offer the creative appeal and quality that you want. It’s a tremendous idea to explore, and one that can make a huge difference.

It depends on the event

In case you go to a classy event, a stretch limousine is the obvious option. It’s professional, it gets the job done very well, and people love it because it’s different. The Stretch SUVs on the other hand are more suitable for the modern events. They make a statement and that’s something a lot of people are looking for. You do need to be creative and come up with stuff that you enjoy. If you use that to your advantage and understand the challenges that can arise, nothing will be impossible. Just try to take that into consideration as much as you can when you pick the desired transportation method.

We recommend you to go for either one of them based on your requirements. Stretch limos are amazing because they show a sense of class, however they have a smaller interior and a limited amount of people can fit inside. The Stretch SUVs on the other hand are more modern, larger and they will impress with the great value and professionalism. All you have to do is to give them a try for yourself, and you will find them to work extremely well. Use that as the right advantage and the outcome can be great every time.