How Much Should I Tip a Limo Driver or Chauffeur?

Are you planning to hire a limo for the upcoming celebration? Probably, you are managing finances for all the needs on this special occasion. Well, it is easier to hire a limo at a budget- friendly price in the city, but some of you might be uncertain about how much tip you should keep for the chauffeur.

We all know that limos are luxurious vehicles, and having a ride in these spacious cars make the journey more memorable. Moreover, the professional drivers care about complete comfort of the passengers on the ride. They are courteous and prompt; you will definitely like their services. But then comes the decision to reward them and it makes things little complicated. When they have met all your expectations on the ride, it is good to give a handsome tip but how to decide that amount is the real challenge. Don’t worry; below we have highlighted a few tipping guidelines for limo drivers. It will help you to make an easy decision during your ride:

Why it is good to tip the limo driver?

Limousine drivers ensure luxurious travel experience to the passengers in the city. They have years of experience and know the traffic conditions as well as alternative routes in the city. No matter where you want to go; even if you are traveling in the peak traffic hours; these professionals can help you to reach your destination on time. At the same time, they follow complete professionalism and higher standards to serve the customers. But it is important to understand that they rely on tips given by passengers to run their family expenses. In such situations, it is good to appreciate their services by giving some amount by the end of the journey.

Some limo drivers get contracted gratuity:

Few limo companies in the city follow contracts for driver’s gratuity. So, while hiring your car, you should determine it in advance if it is required to add the tip separately or not. When the gratuity is already added to your limo rental fees, it is good to ask the company if the full gratuity amount is given to the driver. It will help you be sure about his share; otherwise, you can add some amount to benefit him. It is a way to appreciate his excellent job.

Traditional rate for the tip:

As per a general rule, whenever you hire a limo service, it is good to tip the driver with almost 15% of the total assistance amount. In case if you are extremely satisfied with the quality of service and his helpful nature; you can increase it up to 20% of the renting fee. Note that, this tip is given by the person renting the car and can be given before or even after the ride.

Whenever you hire a limo service from SELIMO, prefer to adjust the chauffer’s tip as per the quality of service they offer to you. If the service provider exceeds your expectations, you can increase the tipping amount accordingly.